The process of obtaining a planning permission on land and overseeing the legal documents to promote land for development is a complex process. It is important to select the right partner to promote your land to obtain the best possible outcome and have the right advise along the way to guide you through the different issues that arise.

In summary the process is:-

  1. A developer approaches a landowner or a landowner approaches a developer to ascertain if they are interested in promoting their land for development.
  2. The developer offers terms to enter a development agreement.
  3. The best terms are negotiated and then solicitors are instructed to progress the legal documentation.
  4. The development agreement is entered and the land is promoted. A planning application will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority.
  5. Once a planning permission is granted the land is sold to a developer for substantial sums of money.

The costs of promoting land and submitting a planning application for development are substantial hence the reason why many landowners partner with a developer. The developer promotes the land at their cost.

This process sounds simple but there are many pitfalls that a landowner can fall into without professional advice and guidance. Webb Developments is a specialist in strategic land and can guide you through the process in a logical way, ensuring that the development value of your land is maximised.

"I have worked with Robert Webb Developments Ltd on a number of strategic land projects for residential and commercial uses. Robert Webb’s experience working with landowners on large scale projects as well as his experience having worked for major house builders means that he has a unique set of skills which are used effectively to produce excellent results. Me and my team at Shoosmiths would have no hesitation in recommending Robert Webb Developments Ltd to landowners and developers."
Tom Hall of Shoosmiths Solicitors

If you have land that could be developed please contact the experts for an informal no obligation discussion to see what we can do for you.