Examples of projects that Webb Developments have been involved with.

Commercial Land

Acted for landowners on the disposal of land to Lidl for a supermarket and Whitbread for a hotel, pub and drive through Costa Coffee.

Harperbury Hospital, Radlett, Herts

Acted for a house builder to negotiate terms to purchase land for 200 houses on land designated as Green Belt. This included the purchase of surrounding farmland.

This work involved negotiating with the Department of Health and the NHS.

Harperbury Hospital, Radlett, Herts

Harperbury Hospital, Radlett, Herts

Land near Milton Keynes

Advising a landowner on promotion terms for 200 houses.

120 Acres in Brentwood, Essex

Advised landowners on entering a promotion agreement with a land promoter.

Padbury, Buckinghamshire

Sold land for 40 houses to a house builder.

Warren Farm, Ampthill

Acted for a house builder to negotiate terms to purchase land to build 267 houses.

Warren Farm, Ampthill, Beds

Warren Farm, Ampthill, Beds

21 houses – Oxfordshire village

Promoted 21 houses in an Oxfordshire village and secured a planning permission. Site to be sold.

15 houses – Great Horwood, Bucks

Acted for a landowner to obtain a planning permission for 15 houses and then acted on the sale of the land to a house builder.

Great Horwood

Great Horwood

Old Brickyard Farm, Winslow, Buckinghamshire – 120 Houses

Acted for the landowner and promoter in negotiating the planning permission and acted on the sale of the property to a major housebuilder.

Old Brickhill Farm, Winslow plan

Old Brickhill Farm, Winslow

200 Acres in Wiltshire

Acted for a consortium of landowners on terms to enter a hybrid option to a major house builder.

Cranfield Bedfordshire

Acted for a developer to purchase 230 houses.

Cranfield Bedfordshire

Cranfield Bedfordshire